Varsity Apartments, Sunshine Coast

Happy Easter at Varsity Apartments

We love Easter here at Varsity Apartments. We buy chocolate eggs and put them out on the office counter; we wear bunny ears (sometimes); we even run Easter competitions to find the Easter Eggs . What do the students do …. they all leave us

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5 minutes Living to Learning

It really is true you know … 5 minutes from Living at Varsity Apartments to Learning at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  From your super comfy double bed in your own bedroom with your own bathroom, when your alarm goes off and you snooze

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Students needed for Beach Volleyball Competition

You have made it through the early week’s of University Life … well done.  Hopefully you have managed to navigate your way through your Uni timetable, your housemates weird habits and Uni Night.  Things are beginning to settle into a bit of a routine and

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Student housemates? Best Ever or Worst Nightmare?

Sharing accommodation with new people is always really interesting.  Here at Varsity Apartments we try to match you up with roomies that we think you will get on with.  We get this information from your application forms so we always ask for complete honesty to

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Semester 1, 2019 O week plans begin

Count down is on to the start of Semester 1, 2019.  We are all very excited and are meeting up with the Red Frogs to start planning support during O week and the celebrations that always happen during this time.  Here at Varsity Apartments it

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New Year – New Students

2019 is here.  We are very excited on the complex as it won’t be long before the new students will be arriving!  We have been busily preparing – spring cleaning the apartments, gardening, re-stocking the kitchens, packing linen packs … it’s all happening here.  The

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It’s lonely on the complex without you.

Some students go home to countries far away, some students go to rural Queensland, others go interstate but a few remain on the complex over Christmas.  Not many though….. even those that remain tend to go travelling to fabulous places like Fraser Island or Cairns

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Varsity Apartments is purpose-built as student accommodation on the Sunshine Coast.
We’ve considered your comfort, security, social lives, and study requirements. So what are you waiting for?