Welcome to the new students

What a great start to the New Year.  We are totally full, with a waiting list; it’s going to be an exciting semester.  We have also welcomed some international students which is so good to see.  We are a week away from O week and nearly everyone has arrived and the complex is buzzing.  Students are settling into their rooms, decorating and making the space their own.   Don’t forget to catch up with your housemates and decide how you are going to share all of the duties in the apartments … don’t be that housemate that ALWAYS leaves dirty dishes!  Will you and your housemates cook together or perhaps you are all on different time schedules … who knows.  The main thing is communication and tolerance … sometimes it’s a little tricky settling into house sharing, but we know you will nail it.  Enjoy the start of Semester 1 – the real works starts soon.

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