The art of sharing student accommodation

Sharing accommodation with new people is always really interesting.  Here at Varsity Apartments we try to match you up with roomies that we think you will get on with.  We get this information from your application forms so we always ask for complete honesty to help us place you on the complex.  So, once you have had your honeymoon period – O week is finished and Uni Life really begins – that’s when you start the real task of negotiating housemate behaviour.  If you are really, really lucky you will get along from day 1 with your roomies.  You will all have the same ideas about house sharing and you will make friends for life.  Sharing an apartment really gives you an opportunity to see people’s  true colours – including your own!  You could also get some roomies that are OK … maybe not friends for life but still get along and only occasionally are there any problems with the smooth living in the apartment.  Finally, there is the scenario that we all want to avoid – your roommates behaviour is appalling; they steal your food, they leave their dirty dishes everywhere; they have loud friends over all the time … the list continues.  How do you deal with this ? Well,  initially we always recommend an honest conversation – you are all adults now and a peaceful compromise would be great.  If that isn’t going to happen .. and sometimes it just isn’t possible – contact the office and ask for help.

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