Student Security – Every Minute of Every Day

Your security is important to us, and Varsity Apartments was built to be a safe place for students to live and study._MG_0001

We have Security Guards who patrol the complex after office hours and through the night.  There’s always a Varsity staff member available to contact and on-site – that’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our security guys and gals are your point of contact after hours, and provide security for the complex.

It’s free to call them from your room telephone.

Photo Id For A Safer Complex

To aid in keeping the complex a safe place, photo ID cards have been introduced. At the beginning of your stay we will issue you a photo ID card.

Please keep your ID card with you at all times, and report lost cards to office staff.

After Hours Visitors

After-hours visitors are to be signed in at reception after 6pm if they intend to stay later.

Students are only permitted to have one overnight guest per week.  Any extra nights can be charged at $25 per night. Visitors are permitted to stay in the complex until 12am without being charged and are to be signed out by the student when departing Varsity.

I made lots of amazing Australian and international friends at Varsity.

By Laura

I met awesome people thanks to the living environment and university.

By Pierrick

The O Week BBQ was a great way to meet so many nice people – I have made friends for life

By Sophia

The beach volleyball competitions were the best fun ever. Great prizes. There is always something fun to do at Varsity.

By Minesh

Varsity is super close to the Uni so you can always get there really quickly. Having so many students around Varsity to study with – that helped me as an international student.

By Karl

I like Varsity so much I stayed for 2 years. The staff are really friendly and there are so many great facilities – the lap pool and gym were my favourite.

By Elisha

When I arrived at Varsity I didn’t know anyone at all. The other three people in my apartment were all first year students too and didn't know anyone either. We all helped each other and it didn’t take me long to feel at home at Varsity.

By Shantel

Varsity Rocks!

By Marius

I was really happy when I saw how close Varsity is to the Uni and the great bike tracks around the area. And the Kangaroos in the Uni grounds are amazing.

By Yuki

I won the Mac Book Air Pro prize at the start of my stay and it helped so much with my Uni studies. Thanks Varsity.

By Thomas